Files name from folder into string array

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Turimo on 13 Jun 2022
Answered: Nitanshu on 13 Jun 2022
Is it possible to retrieve file name from a folder and put them into a string array.
Manualy i can do this for a 10x1 string array but how to do it automatically :
dataFile = (["Label\Label_1.png";"Label\Label_10.png";"Label\Label_2.png";"Label\Label_3.png";"Label\Label_4.png";"Label\Label_5.png";"Label\Label_6.png";"Label\Label_7.png";"Label\Label_8.png";"Label\Label_9.png";])
dataFile = 10×1 string array
"Label\Label_1.png" "Label\Label_10.png" "Label\Label_2.png" "Label\Label_3.png" "Label\Label_4.png" "Label\Label_5.png" "Label\Label_6.png" "Label\Label_7.png" "Label\Label_8.png" "Label\Label_9.png"
I dont mind the 10 being second but if you have a workaround, why not.
Thank you

Answers (1)

Nitanshu on 13 Jun 2022
Probably you could define a directory instance with directory path and get the file names under the name property and once the filenames are extracted you can manipulate it as you wish.
Hope it helps.
directory_instance = dir('directory_name');
file_names = {};


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