Issue to configure custom messages

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Bastien am 12 Jun. 2022
Hello, I have an issue configuring custom message for ROS. There is one specific message that I need : "custom_msgs/Uwb" to do some analysis on a rosbag.
I successfully run the rosgenmsg but when I try add the new classes of message to Matlab I can not find the message in the rosmsg list.
Some details, below :
  • I created a folder /Matlab/custom_msgs/packages/ in which I paste my ROS custom_msgs package (which contains the folder msg with the custom message Uwb, a src folder, a CMakeLists.txt file and package.xml file
  • I execute rosgenmsg('/home/iod/Matlab/custom_msgs/packages/custom_msgs')
  • the building process is going quite well, but a strange mention at the end of the log file " build stopped: interrupted by user." whereas I did not interrupt anything (stdout_stderr.log enclosed)
  • I looked to the related m file, and I find it in the following folder "/home/iod/Matlab/custom_msgs/packages/matlab_msg_gen_ros1/glnxa64/src/custom_msgs/m/+ros/+msggen". This is a strange path.
  • Then I can not add this path "/home/iod/Matlab/custom_msgs/packages/matlab_msg_gen_ros1/glnxa64/src/custom_msgs/m/+ros/+msggen" to the Matlab pat, I tried to use addpath(genpath('/home/iod/Matlab/custom_msgs/packages/matlab_msg_gen_ros1/glnxa64/src/custom_msgs/m'))
  • Finally as I try to find the custom_msgs/Uwb, it is not present.
Someone could help me on this issue ?
Thank you in advance.
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Bastien am 16 Jun. 2022
It solved the issue !
Thank you for your help.

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Jagadeesh Konakalla
Jagadeesh Konakalla am 17 Jun. 2022
ROS Toolbox ships the Noetic with Installation. Multiple versions of ROS may cause this error.
So remving other ROS installation paths from PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH resolved the issue.

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