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How to run BlueMind missing data imputation Project File Exchange code on my missing data in Matlab

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I'm trying to evaluate my missing dataset using code avaiable BlueMind missing data imputation Project. I've installed this app into my Matlab 2019a version however whenever I try to run its show me different errors.
Besides, I try to use this project matlab code so that I can check its proformance on randNaNExample.xlsx file (attached). I unzip this file exhange and give my matlab path to this folder then I run step by step this code available in this file exchange folder but get no output?
(1) In matlab command window I run
load data % a window open I give randNaNExample.xlsx file to this window
(2) Then I run LearningAlgorithm_dataPrepration.m and LearningAlgorithm_dataPartitioning.m codes respectively, its run, but no new variables was created in workspace
(3) At the end I run NeuralNetworkMissValuePrediction.m code no output and variables generated in workspace.
I am getting error in run by both method e.g., by app or by just code. Is someone tell me how can I run this file exchange code on my excel file (attached).
Many thanks in advance!

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