I have error accessing OPCDA app

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Hemangkumar Rajeshbhai Jasani
Beantwortet: Karan Singh am 8 Nov. 2023
Once I tried to open OPCDA app below written error was shown.
>> Unrecognized funciton or variable "opcmex"
then suggested funciton was
cmd : >> plcmex
>> Unrecognized funciton or variable "plcmex"
(I use MacOS)

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Karan Singh
Karan Singh am 8 Nov. 2023
Hi Hemangkumar,
The error message "Unrecognized function or variable" typically means that MATLAB cannot find the specified function in its path. In your case, it seems like MATLAB cannot find the function opcmex. The opcmex is a function from the OPC Toolbox.
Here are a few things you could try:
  1. Check if the OPC Toolbox is installed: You can do this by typing ver in the MATLAB command window. This will list all installed toolboxes. If the OPC Toolbox is not listed, you will need to install it.
  2. Check the MATLAB path: The function might exist, but MATLAB might not be looking in the right place. You can check the MATLAB path by typing path in the command window. If the directory containingopcmex is not in the path, you can add it using the addpath function.
  3. Reinstall the Toolbox: If the toolbox is installed but the function is still not recognized, try reinstalling the toolbox. There might have been an issue during the installation process that caused the function to be missing or corrupted.
Attached below are some documentation links that you may find helpful:
Hope this helps!
Karan Singh Khati


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