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Enabling push button after an error occurred?

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Raju Kumar
Raju Kumar am 7 Jun. 2022
Kommentiert: Raju Kumar am 10 Jun. 2022
Hello Matlab experts,
I have issues with push buttons in matlab app designer. When I perform a task using a push button and everything goes smoothly, the push button retruns to normal (meaning enabled automatically). However, when any errors occur midway (of any kind), the same push botton keeps on disabled. How do I avoid this situation? I mean how to enable the button when there is an error during processing? Can anybody help me on this. A big thanks in advance.

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Jan am 7 Jun. 2022
Matlab stops, when an error occurs. If it does not run anymore, it cannot modify buttons.
The solution is to catch errors:
... your Code which might fail
catch ME
warning('A problem occured: %s', ME.message);
Now a warning appears and Matlab proceeds working.

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