How to write code for this?

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Ara am 5 Jun. 2022
Kommentiert: Stephen Tete am 14 Nov. 2022
Dear All,
I want to plot ROTI. Would you please help me? The ROTI is defined as the standard deviation of ROT, given by (<ROT^2> - <ROT>^2)^1/2 for each 5-min interval.

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KSSV am 5 Jun. 2022
x = rand(100,1) ;
y = sqrt(mean(x.^2)-mean(x)^2)
y = 0.2657
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Ara am 5 Jun. 2022
Bearbeitet: Ara am 6 Jun. 2022
I think you are right. I have a column of time. How to write for every 5 min data and then get the std?
Stephen Tete
Stephen Tete am 14 Nov. 2022
Kindly check the code again that is not how to calculate ROI

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