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How to work with Polyspace from the basic?

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Ara am 4 Jun. 2022
Kommentiert: Ara am 10 Jun. 2022

Dear All,

I just installed Polyspace but I cannot use it. I cannot run code nor plot anything as the option is not working. Is that because of licenses issue or I have to do anything in order to use it?

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Anirban am 7 Jun. 2022
Bearbeitet: Anirban am 7 Jun. 2022
Are you attempting to run Polyspace from MATLAB? Are you seeing some error? (A license checkout issue will show up as an error when you start running Polyspace.)
There is a one-time integration step you have to perform to make Polyspace functions available from MATLAB. See Integrate Polyspace with MATLAB and Simulink.
Otherwise, you can also open the Polyspace UI from the installation folder (or run commands from the command line). See Open Polyspace User Interface or Run Polyspace from Windows or Linux Command Line.
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Ara am 10 Jun. 2022
Thank you, Anirban, for your response. I install Matlab but the polyspace also installed it. I was successful to run Matlab from one of the folders. I do not think the license issue does occur as I did not get any error.
Why polyspace added to the Matlab installaion? I do not know how to work with.
Best regards,

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