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I am running a code where I plot images in a 2 for loops. I got 3 different buttons that allows me to go to the iteration "Next", analyse the image or go back to the previous image "previous" iteration. However, in this case I got a an issue. I am trying to go back an iteration(i.e. if n=3 and nn=2 or 3) I want to go one backwards on that for loop. However if nn=1. I need to go one back in the n for loop and the last of the nn. at the moment It does't do that. This is a part of the code, I could provide the whole of it if needed.
for n= 1:length(DigMark) aproxx(1:100)
for nn=1:length(Mucles) aprox(1:3)
message= sprintf('Select one of the following:');
titleBarCaption = 'Manual';
Button = questdlg(message, titleBarCaption, ...
'Previous','Analyses','Next', 'Analyses');
if strcmpi(Button, 'Previous') && nn == 1
s=s-1 ;
n = n - 1;
nn= length(EMG);
outputTable(end, :)=[];
elseif strcmpi(Button, 'Previous') && nn > 1
s=s-1 ;
nn= nn-1;
outputTable(end, :)=[];
Thank you for your help! :D

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AndresVar on 31 May 2022
Edited: AndresVar on 31 May 2022
i think matlab for loop doesn't allow changing the iterator, you can use while loop instead.
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Gonzalo Guerrero
Gonzalo Guerrero on 1 Jun 2022
Thank you!
I was trying to avoid the while loop(since I am not good with it), but other threads have the answer!
I solved the problem with the while loop now! :D

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