How to make Motor Power Loss Map from efficiency map ?

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Jay Talreja
Jay Talreja on 26 May 2022
Commented: Jay Talreja on 30 May 2022
Hello Everyone,
I have a question to ask regarding the motor powerloss map.
I have motor efficiency map and I am trying to build its power loss map. So the question I used to prepare powerloss map is
PowLoss = (2*pi*N*T/60)*(1 - (Eff/100))
This formula is simple to understand when Motor efficiency map is given. This is how I plot the results
surf(Motor_RPM,Motor_Trq,Eff') % Plot Motor Efficiency Map
surf(Motor_RPM,Motor_Trq,PowLoss') % Plots Motor Powerloss Map
My question is that there are certain points where motor will never operate such as outside its motor curve. So how do I calculate my powerloss outside motor map ? Because this formula calculates the powerloss as matrix function which results in very large powerloss and it does not seems to be possible given the capacity of motor.
I have attached one Motor Map also with this question.
Thanks in Advance

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KSSV on 26 May 2022
load('Motor_Map.mat') ;
h1 = pcolor(Motor_RPM,Motor_Trq,Eff') ; % Plot Motor Efficiency Map
h1.EdgeColor = 'none' ;
idx = isnan(Eff) ;
PowLoss(idx)= NaN ;
h2 = pcolor(Motor_RPM,Motor_Trq,PowLoss') ; % Plots Motor Powerloss Map
h2.EdgeColor = 'none' ;
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Jay Talreja
Jay Talreja on 30 May 2022
Hello @KSSV,
Thankyou for the answer.
But I was not looking for this. My question was that the method I am doing to find powerloss outside of the motor map is correct representation or not ? Because my motor in simulation is switiching to outisde motor map region for 0.01s which takes some significant powerloss in that region.
So I was not sure how to calculate powerloss outside my operating region.

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