Toolboxes installation in MATLAB beta for Native Apple Silicon

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I'm testing the open beta of MATLAB for Apple Silicon ( ). I need to use a couple of toolboxes (the Signal Processing toolbox and the Image Processing toolbox) however I can't find a way to install them since add-ons explorer is not supported. However, the open beta page also states that "The add-ons explorer is not available. Add-ons can still be installed manually." How can I manually install the toolboxes?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 22 Mai 2022
As stated on the page to which you linked:
"The open beta includes MATLAB only. Simulink and toolboxes are not available."

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Bobby Cheng
Bobby Cheng am 15 Nov. 2022
R2022b beta is now available. With this beta, there is a list of toolboxes that you can test.
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Gary Gray
Gary Gray am 20 Nov. 2022
I have installed that beta and it indicates that an update to R2022b is available, but when I try to install the update, nothing happens. Is this as expected?

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