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Matlab system command produces output on matlab command line

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Jonas on 19 May 2022
Closed: Jonas on 20 May 2022
Dear community,
I am using Matlab's system() command to call an external Program (Praat) to run a (Praat) script. I didn't want Matlab to do anything but that. But after doing the call to system(), an output is produced in my Matlab command line without any meaning
the input to the system command is
praatcommand = ['Praat.exe --run extractPitch.praat.txt "' source '" praatOutputTemp.txt'];
which runs the specified Script in the background on the input file 'source' and outputs data in the specified text file.
Then this happens on my Matlab command line:
>> retval=system(praatcommand);
the second line appears. I have no idea why. If i run the same call directyl in the cmd, everything is fine also.
Anyways, if I append a ' &' at the end of the system call, it does not happen (so there is no Problem).
Is this a bug or why does it happen? Or is the reason some echo calls inside the script?
I appended the Praat script for completeness.
best regards
Jonas on 20 May 2022
i would agree, that it is confusing. The only additional difference may be the source file which was analyzed, I don't know anymore if the described behavior was for the same for the original post and the update.
i also agree that this seems to be a Praat issue and I will close this thread.
thx, have a nice day

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