Sorting / Looping / Rearranging Interfaces

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Till Lindemann
Till Lindemann on 18 May 2022
Edited: Josh Kahn on 23 May 2022
Hello everyone!
I have designed a modular architecture for a simulation environment using System Composer. It uses a lot of nested interfaces which have to be edited every time we switch to a more detailed model.
For example, one interface contains the degrees of freedom, range of motion, and estimated accuracy of a moving part.
They are influenced by every component they get passed through. Here, the objects are the upper nodes and the ROM, DOF, Accuracy are the leaf nodes.
The problem is, it becomes very cumbersome if need a different sorting, e.g. all accuracies in one bus. In that case I have to call every accuracy with its own InBus block and the full navigation path from the top of the bus down to the leaf node.
Does anyone have an Idea how to iterate through the whole bus and access only certain nodes following a pre-programmed pattern?
Another benefit would be that I would be much more flexible when adding additional signals to the interface.
Thank you very much!
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Josh Kahn
Josh Kahn on 23 May 2022
Hi Till, can you share an example architecture and a code snippet demonstrating the issue you are having?

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