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App Designer change colormap

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Lev Mihailov
Lev Mihailov am 18 Mai 2022
Beantwortet: DGM am 18 Mai 2022
I need to change the color map, but matlab gives me such a warning and creates an empty graph
Specify a UIAxes handle as first argument.
imagesc(app.UIAxes,app.a,app.b,app.c);% speedGPS
gray2 = flipud(colormap('gray'));
title(app.UIAxes,'Time live server(i)');
ylabel(app.UIAxes,'temp, K');
xlabel(app.UIAxes,'time, h');
Thanks in advance

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DGM am 18 Mai 2022
I'm going to guess it's complaining about the missing handle on the gray2 line. If so, then do this:
gray2 = flipud(gray(256));
While it's possible, there isn't any need to call colormap() on that line. Since all you need is the colormap (the actual table of colors), just call the desired map generation function (i.e. gray()) with the desired table length. The result will be a simple numeric array, and doesn't attempt to interact with any graphics objects in the process.

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