How to name files in a folder based on parent folder?

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Hello all,
I'm newbie to Matlab and I got a question regarding naming files in folders. I have 6 folders let's say simulation_data1 to 6, and there are 17 pictures in each folders which are named block_1 to 17 now in all 6 folders. I was wondering how can I name each batch of pictures (17 figs) in every folder based on the name of parent folder? For example, all figs in folder simulation_data1 become simulation_data1_1 to 17.
any help would be appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Chunru on 9 May 2022
for i=1:6 % 6 folders
foldername = sprintf('simulation_data%d', i)
for j=1:2 % 2 files for example
filename = sprintf('%s_%d', foldername, j);
fprintf(' Filename: %s\n', filename)
save(filename, 'filename'); % create a file
cd( '..');
foldername = 'simulation_data1'
Filename: simulation_data1_1 Filename: simulation_data1_2
foldername = 'simulation_data2'
Filename: simulation_data2_1 Filename: simulation_data2_2
foldername = 'simulation_data3'
Filename: simulation_data3_1 Filename: simulation_data3_2
foldername = 'simulation_data4'
Filename: simulation_data4_1 Filename: simulation_data4_2
foldername = 'simulation_data5'
Filename: simulation_data5_1 Filename: simulation_data5_2
foldername = 'simulation_data6'
Filename: simulation_data6_1 Filename: simulation_data6_2
. .. simulation_data1 simulation_data2 simulation_data3 simulation_data4 simulation_data5 simulation_data6

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