Running into error when using pwelch for FFT

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Benjamin Colbert
Benjamin Colbert on 7 May 2022
Commented: Jonas on 8 May 2022
I am trying to conduct a FFT on a wav file in order to then calculate SPL within a bandwidth (120-450hz). I am using code from another answered question and I get hung up on an error:
Error using signal.internal.spectral.welchparse>segment_info
The length of the segments cannot be greater than the length of the input signal.
Error in signal.internal.spectral.welchparse (line 34)
[L,noverlap,win] = segment_info(M,win1,noverlap1);
Error in welch (line 55)
Error in pwelch (line 170)
[welchOut{1:nargout}] = welch(x,funcName,inputArgs{:});
Error in snip_extractor (line 16)
[sensor_spectrum, freq] = pwelch(samples,w,NOVERLAP,NFFT,Fs);
My code follows. I am loading a 30sec wav file and then selecting a 5sec period with the file for analysis. Any help here would be most appreciated:
[y,Fs]=audioread('67649542.060120201700.wav') %Load fullfile
snips = y([163840:327680], [1]) %Extract data from period of interest
%%%Borrowed code from
NFFT = (Fs/2);
NOVERLAP = round(0.75*NFFT);
w = hanning(NFFT);
samples = length(snips)
dt = 1/Fs
t = (0:dt:(samples-1)*dt)
[sensor_spectrum, freq] = pwelch(samples,w,NOVERLAP,NFFT,Fs);
sensor_spectrum_dB = 20*log10(sensor_spectrum);
title(['Averaged FFT Spectrum / Fs = ' num2str(Fs) ' Hz / Delta f = ' num2str(freq(2)-freq(1)) ' Hz ']);
xlabel('Frequency (Hz)');ylabel(my_ylabel);
Jonas on 8 May 2022
is there a reason for re 1*10^-6 Pa and not 20*10^-6 Pa?
do you want to calculate one SPL value for one file in your frequency range or do you want to extract multiple SPL values over time for each file?

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Answers (1)

Jonas on 7 May 2022
Edited: Jonas on 7 May 2022
sensor_spectrum, freq] = pwelch(samples,w,NOVERLAP,NFFT,Fs);
should be
[sensor_spectrum, freq] = pwelch(snips,w,NOVERLAP,NFFT,Fs);
since samples is only a scalar and not your data vector
the displayed error says, that your window of length fs/2 is lager than the given data vector, which is 1x1 by mistake


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