Plot different Y values for certain range of X

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Paz Yedidim
Paz Yedidim on 7 May 2022
Commented: Paz Yedidim on 7 May 2022
Let's say I have:
X = [1:10];
Y = [10:20];
I want to plot Y vs X, but in the range of X=[5:10] I want Y values to be (Y+20). And have the same plot line for all.
How can I do it?

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Jonas on 7 May 2022
you can just calculate the values before plotting
Y(X>=5 & X<=10)=Y(X>=5 & X<=10)+20;
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Paz Yedidim
Paz Yedidim on 7 May 2022
It is for analyzing big amount of data, and I will have to a edit Y values in several ranges of X.
Is there a more suitable way for it?

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