Lowpass filter with own cutoff frequency and y axis in dB.

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I wnat to design a Lowpass filter in which I can choose my own cutoff frequency and y axis in dB. I have a signal in time domain.

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Bhavana Ravirala
Bhavana Ravirala on 9 May 2022
Hi Reji,
I understand that you are trying to implement a low pass filter. Using the "lowpass" command in MATLAB output signal from a lowpass filter can be obtained.
fs = 0.1; % sampling frequency of input signal
t= 0 : 1/fs : 1;
x= sin(2*pi*50*t); % input signal
lowpass(x,3, fs); % setting the higher cutoff frequency as 3Hz
For more information refer to the below documentation:
Reji G
Reji G on 11 May 2022
Thank you.
I need x axis in frequency and y axis in dB.
My requireement is:
If my cutoff frequency is 100Hz then, the value of y axis corresponds to 100 Hz(in x axis) should be "-3dB". How to plot the graph in this way ?

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