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How can I replace the three YLABEL (degree of membership) to only one?

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Dear Mathcoders,
I am digging into this issue, I just want to:
  1. remove the three independent YLABELs (degree of membership)
  2. then, re-write only one "degree of membership" that covers the three inputs
  3. reduce the space among the three of them horizontally
Thank you in advance

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Johannes Hougaard
Johannes Hougaard am 3 Mai 2022
I would think that you could just skip your ylabel and use an annotation textbox in stead
Moving your axes up and down is managed in the .Position(2) of your individual axes.
Does this work for you?
fh = figure;
ah(1) = subplot(3,1,1);
xlabel("Sine wave")
ah(2) = subplot(3,1,2);
xlabel("Cosine wave")
ah(3) = subplot(3,1,3);
hold on;
str = "This is a string"; % Define your ylabel
tb = annotation(fh,"textbox","position",[ah(1).Position(1)*0.8 0.18 0.5 0.3],...
ah(1).Position(2) = ah(1).Position(2) - 0.03; % Move the top axis down a bit
ah(2).Position(2) = ah(2).Position(2) - 0.02; % Move the mid axis down a smaller bit
ah(3).Position(2) = ah(3).Position(2) - 0.01; % Move the bottom axis down a smaller bit still
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Johannes Hougaard
Johannes Hougaard am 5 Mai 2022
Yeah, I got that - and when I ran the code in 2021a I could replicate the error you posted, but not in 2022a.
Apparently the 'rotation' property of a textbox annotation is a feature that has been introduced some time between the 2021a release and the 2022a release - and I couldn't find another way to rotate the textbox which would work in 2021a.
Maybe you could use 'text' in stead of annotation, but that takes an axes not a figure as its parent which may make the positioning impossible,

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