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Problem with a statement in code.

Asked by Nancy
on 30 Sep 2011
Hi Guys,
This should be working fine but it just isnt. Please help me. I have been using the code from this question
I am facing problems with one statement "yfound = yi(abs(xi-findyatx)<eps);"
If the array xi has the same element as that of findyatx, that location will have an value of 1 while all others will have zero. I can see that there is an element in xi that has the same value as that of findyatx. But still all I get as a answer for yfound is an empty matrix.
Someone please help.


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 30 Sep 2011
 Accepted Answer

It is not a good idea to use eps as the tolerance, as eps by itself is eps(1) which is less than the distance between adjacent numbers by the time you get to even just 2. You should use max(eps(xi),eps(findyatx)) at the very least, and multiples of that are usually better.


on 30 Sep 2011
Thanks Walter. How would you use max(eps(xi),eps(findyatx)) in that code.? I used 0.00001 instead of eps and the code seemed to work fine.
Thanks once again.
tolerance = 10 * max(eps(xi),eps(findyatx));
yfound = yi(abs(xi-findyatx)<tolerance)

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