Reading value from Excel file in App Designer

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Muhammad Nabil Mohd Pauzi
Muhammad Nabil Mohd Pauzi on 24 Apr 2022
Answered: Kevin Holly on 25 Apr 2022
I am trying to read the value in a specific cell (say, A2) in an Excel file and use this value as the input of a numeric field in app designer. Can I know how I can do this? Cheers.

Answers (1)

Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 25 Apr 2022
Please see the app attached. I used uigetfile to select the file and then xlsread to extract the value of interest from the Excel file. I would use readcell in the latest releases of MATLAB.
[filename, folder] = uigetfile('*.xls*');
app.EditField.Value = xlsread(fullfile(folder,filename),1,'A2');




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