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Models for the book "Direct Adaptive Control Algorithms Theory and Applications"

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The book "Direct Adaptive Control Algorithms Theory and Applications" by Kaufman mentions a set of companion files that used to be on a mathworks ftp server that no longer exists, and I cannot find the files on the file exchange. Is it still possible to get these files?
Here are the instructions from the book:
To obtain the MATLAB programs relevant to Chapters 3 and 7, the user should FTP anonymously to The MathWork's FTP server as follows:
You will be prompted for a "login"; enter
You will then be prompted for a password; enter
your email address
Then enter:
cd pubs/books/kaufman
get readme.txt
get fex2.m
get ex2.m
get rhsim.m
get rhsta.m
get lleveldir.tar.gz

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宇鹏 程
宇鹏 程 am 13 Jul. 2022
Hi, Mohseni, i happen with the same problem as you, cannot find the correct name of FTP server of this book, have you figure it out now?


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