Repeating for loop N times

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Sohini Bhattacharjee
Sohini Bhattacharjee on 22 Apr 2022
Commented: Jon on 25 Apr 2022
I want to repeat the below written set of code 11 times, such as the loop runs from 1 to 500 from 11 times. How do I do that? please help!
for ii=1:length(c);

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 22 Apr 2022
Sounds like you need to put all your code inside a 2nd for loop

Jon on 22 Apr 2022
Edited: Jon on 22 Apr 2022
You need to use a nested for loop, so something like this, where I have assumed that H,D,K,J are length, numLoops vectors. You can adapt according to your actual situation.
numLoops = 11
for j = 1:numLoops
for ii=1:length(c);
L_vec(j,ii) = (H(j)/((1/D(j))+(K(j)/J(j))))*exp(-c(ii)/D(j));
Jon on 25 Apr 2022
It is most likely that one or more of your variables, H ,D, K, J, D are not length 11 (the number of outer loops) vectors. In fact it looks like at least one of them is just a scalar (single element) as that is what the error message is saying.
To help you further I would need to see your complete code, and also please copy and paste the entire error message.

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