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error using Matrix Dimensions

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qusay hawari
qusay hawari on 16 Jan 2015
Commented: qusay hawari on 16 Jan 2015
Fs = 5000; Fc = 2000; t = [0:Fs-1]'/Fs; m = cos(2*pi*(20)*t); mhilb = conv((1/pi*t),m);
s = m.*cos(2*pi*Fc*t) + mhilb.*sin(2*pi*Fc*t); plot(t,s)
Error Error using .* Matrix dimensions must agree.
Please HELP!!!!

Accepted Answer

Henrik on 16 Jan 2015
If you format your code it's easier to read for people here.
The error message means that some of the matrices that you multiply are not the same size.
It's mhilb that's different, try
mhilb = conv((1/pi*t),m,'same');
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qusay hawari
qusay hawari on 16 Jan 2015
Thanks it worked! ya i will format my codes next time(its my first time). :)

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