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horizontal lines in candle chart

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AA on 14 Jan 2015
Answered: Sara on 14 Jan 2015
Hi, I have a candle chart and want to add horizontal lines to it at the following levels: 0%, 23.6%;38.2%;50%;61.8%;76.4%;100%.
The x-axis of the candle chart has 120 minutes. I want to draw these horizontal lines for the first 60 minutes.
thanks for the help.

Accepted Answer

Sara on 14 Jan 2015
x = [0 60];
ylev = [0 23.6 38.2]; % add all levels you want
hold on;
for i = 1:numel(ylev)
plot(x,[ylev(i) ylev(i)],'k--'); % change line format as you like them

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