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Measure Euclidean Distance of mask in crack image

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Jhe Mag
Jhe Mag am 13 Apr. 2022
Bearbeitet: Jhe Mag am 28 Jun. 2022
Hi I'm a student and new to matlab. I found a crack detection code from this repo:
I want to measure the euclidean distance from one end to another. How can I do this? How am I going to detect the endpoints? Please help me.

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yanqi liu
yanqi liu am 19 Apr. 2022
yes,sir,may be use bwlabel and regionpropers to get the center and BoundbingBox of two object,then compute the average distance to get the sim value
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Jhe Mag
Jhe Mag am 28 Jun. 2022
Bearbeitet: Jhe Mag am 28 Jun. 2022
Hi thank you so much. But I can't seem to imagine how am I going to implement it.
Also is it applicable to complex crack objects such as this one?

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