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The Fuild Domain (Practice)

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Peerapat Yoorat
Peerapat Yoorat am 12 Apr. 2022
Beantwortet: Pavan Sahith am 10 Okt. 2023
I can't run pass it. Please see picture below. Thank in advice.

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Pavan Sahith
Pavan Sahith am 10 Okt. 2023
Hi Yoorat,
After referring to the screenshot attached, I understand that your initial solution did not satisfy one of the requirements, which prompted and made you to refer to the task solution for guidance.
You have set all the block parameters correctly as the first requirement got passed.
After making the necessary corrections based on the task solution, you have successfully run the model. I can see from the attached picture that the output graph is now correct. You can look at the output graph in the training assessment section.
To fully satisfy both requirements and complete the task, after running the model, you need to submit your solution.
In this attached picture, I successfully replicated your model, ran it, and submitted the task. So, submitting the task will help you in going ahead in the onramp training.




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