extracting eys and lips in an binary image

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yukteshwaraditya singh parihar
Commented: SAMEER ahamed on 31 Dec 2013
i am doing a project on emotion detection now i got stuck in extracting the eyebrows and lips from my binary image (image given in the link) please help me out.
thanks in advance.<http://www.imagehousing.com/imageupload.php?id=657238>

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Philip on 21 Feb 2011
Try "help bwlabel"... Essentially, this function will numerically label each connected component of your image. You can then work on the corresponding values you get from the eyes and lips areas of your image as you wish.

Adnan Bashir
Adnan Bashir on 13 Dec 2011
Mr. yukteshwaraditya singh parihar
We are doing the final year project "sentiment detection through facial expression". Is your project completed? we need some guidance as we are working on color image.
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SAMEER ahamed
SAMEER ahamed on 31 Dec 2013
Did you get lip region for facial expression ? if get let me know how to get ?
below code i have tried but it's not exact shape shown ?
YIQ = rgb2ntsc(hue1);
Y1 = YIQ(:,:,1);
I1 = YIQ(:,:,2);
Q = YIQ(:,:,3);
J = imadjust(Y1);
t = graythresh(blue_Image);
imCoin = (red_Image > hueThresholdHigh);
K = medfilt2(red_Image);
[level1 EM]= graythresh(K);
BW_lip = im2bw(red_Image);
Binary_Hue = red_Image > T;
level = graythresh(J);
binary_Image = im2bw(J,level);
bw_Fill= imfill(binary_Image,'holes');
labeledImage = bwlabel(bw_Fill, 8);
blobMeasurements = regionprops(labeledImage, 'area');
areas = [blobMeasurements.Area];
[maxArea largestBlobIndex] = max(areas);
bw_area = bwareaopen(bw_Fill ,2500);
BWnobord = imclearborder(bw_area, 4);
seD = strel('disk',1);
% BWfinal = imerode(BWnobord,seD);
BWfinal = imerode(BWnobord,seD);
BWoutline = bwperim(bw_area);
Segout = mouthcrop;
Segout(BWoutline) = 255;

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