How do I remove apps I do not need?

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Al Thibeault
Al Thibeault am 30 Mär. 2022
Kommentiert: Al Thibeault am 31 Mär. 2022
When I installed MatLab I selected all apps (big mistake - 32GB download). How do I remove apps I do not need?

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes am 30 Mär. 2022
@Al Thibeault - perhaps with the matlab.apputil.uninstall function. You just need to pass the appId to this function and that should remove all files corresponding to the app and removes the app from the app gallery. The command
lists all the installed apps with their IDs so you should be able to see which apps are installed, and then uninstall the ones that you are not interested in.
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Al Thibeault
Al Thibeault am 31 Mär. 2022
Thanks Geoff. As a complete newbie I used the wrong term - I need to uninstall Add-Ons, not apps. I found the Add-On Manager and am able to uninstall the Add-Ons I don't need. Appreciate the help - pointed me in the right direction.
cheers, Al

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