Getting I and Q components from square wave in simulink

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Muhammad muzzammil
Muhammad muzzammil on 21 Dec 2014
Answered: Giorgia Zucchelli on 29 Dec 2014
I generate square wave from signal generator block and now i want to get I and Q components from that square wave, can it be done with serial to parallel converter? , and is there any block of serial to parallel block in simulink library? I found demux block, but its not working.

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Giorgia Zucchelli
Giorgia Zucchelli on 29 Dec 2014
Dear Muhammad,
probably the easiest way to build a complex rectangular waveform is to use two signal generators (one for the I and one for the Q componenent) and then use the real-imag to complex block to build a complex signal. In this way you will have a clean signal definition, without issues about sample rates and so on.
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