Can someone help me to remove small region area with regionprops?

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I wish to remove the small region area with regionprops but I quiet new to matlab and image processing. The pixel intensity is 0 and 1, should i change to 0 and 255? Can anyone help me?

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AndresVar am 14 Mär. 2022
Bearbeitet: AndresVar am 14 Mär. 2022
There is an example in the documentation.
If you scroll down to the end it shows how it uses regionprops internally.
I suppose binary image [0 1] works best.
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Quah Yi Hang
Quah Yi Hang am 14 Mär. 2022
Bearbeitet: Quah Yi Hang am 14 Mär. 2022
This method is very helpful, thanks a lot. I will try to apply this method.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 14 Mär. 2022
bwareafilt can be used to select areas by size

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