call out matlab structure using for loop

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I have j structures Ts(j) . And the elements inside the structure are just like T(3) below
can I call out e1 e2 e3 by using for loop?
or I can only call they by using Ts(i).e1 Ts(i).e2 Ts(i).e3.
Because I need to check whether e1||e2||e3 third element is 1 or 2 , and now I have j structures.
If I can't use for loop ↓ ,then I ill have three " if "
for j=1:num_of_Ts
if Ts(j).e1(:,3)==1
if Ts(j).e2(:,3)==1
if Ts(j).e3(:,3)==1

Accepted Answer

Max Alger-Meyer
Max Alger-Meyer on 9 Mar 2022
You can absolutely use a loop! The trick is to use the 'fieldnames' function as shown below.
SampleStruct.e1 = [129 152 1];
SampleStruct.e2 = [129 164 2];
SampleStruct.e3 = [152 164 1];
names = fieldnames(SampleStruct);
for i = 1:numel(names)
129 152 1 129 164 2 152 164 1
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AI-CHI Chang
AI-CHI Chang on 10 Mar 2022
Thanks!! I think this is absolutely what I want

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