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Change print format of all output figures using one command

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Karthik on 15 Dec 2014
Edited: Karthik on 16 Dec 2014
Hello, I am using the following command to print my figures into jpeg format.
print('-djpeg', '-r300', fig.1);
I have around 50 figures in my script. How can I change the format from jpeg to any other format for all the figures at once (without changing it for every figure) ?

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Henrik on 15 Dec 2014
So you have this command 50 places in the script?
A quick fix would be to do a search and replace for print('-djpeg' --> print('-epsc' (or whatever format you want)
It would probably be a good idea to try and either use functions or some kind of loop to make all those figures, since as you've discovered, this way it's hard to change the code.

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