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How to save data from user and retrieve it in future from app created using app designer?

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I am trying to create an app, where the financial health of an organization is monitored.
Now, the user will enter the estimation for a financial Year. By the end of the first month the user will enter the actual data and the Project performance is displayed as output.
Similary, when the user does for second month, Is it possible to retrieve the previous estimation data (a way to save the data)? (thereby preventing re-entering initial estimation data again.)

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Ifeoluwa Ajiboye
Ifeoluwa Ajiboye am 13 Mär. 2022
When the user enter initial estimation for the finacial year, you can create a text file and save it there. And subsequent times you can load that saved text file with data into app. You can have a button labelled "import initial estimation data".

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