How to insert a variable and datetime array into a graph title?

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I have a graph that I want to include the date&time it was made and the number of data stacks the plot contains on it. The number of stacks is a variable that changes depending on what I input for it. The title for the plot works when I use:
but I also want to add "Number of stacks: N" to the title.
I have this so far but it isn't working:
sgtitle('Recorded on: ', [datestr(startTime)],'Number of Stacks: ',N)
I want the title to look like this:
Recorded on: dategoeshere, Number of Stacks: N

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 2 Mar 2022
It would be easier to use datetime than earlier date versions —
N = 4;
for k = 1:N
plot((1:5), randn(1,5))
title(sprintf('Subplot #%d',k))
sgtitle(sprintf('Recorded on: %s, Number of Stacks: %d', datetime('now'),N))
See the documentation for sprintf for its details.

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