Can I call my own custom Matlab functions from python (R2014b)?

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Claire on 10 Dec 2014
Commented: Tom Sloan on 10 Aug 2020
I've just installed R2014b and am hoping to use the new MATLAB Engine for Python capabilities.
I can successfully call standard functions like isprime from python as shown in the documentation.
Is it possible for me to call my own custom Matlab functions from python using the Engine?

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Bo Li
Bo Li on 10 Dec 2014
Yes, you can also call your own custom MATLAB function from Python Engine. However, you need to add the folder of your own MATLAB file (for example c:\demo\foo.m) into MATLAB path:
or change to the directory where your MATLAB file is located:
If you already have the folder of your MATLAB file in the search path, you can call it directly from Python:
Tom Sloan
Tom Sloan on 10 Aug 2020
@Joshua Bone Its so the engine will know how many variables to expect on the return of the function. You'll find several functions require this (such as the save func). I am not sure why all don't require this. Here's a link to the nargout docs

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