How to increase gpu usage?

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ryunosuke tazawa
ryunosuke tazawa am 14 Feb. 2022
Kommentiert: ryunosuke tazawa am 19 Feb. 2022
Now I am doing simulation with reiforcement tool box by using GPU.
But, gpu usage can not become high.
I checked some points.
1, setting of gpu: gpu is connected to matlab.
2, It also declares ‘device’ and ‘gpu’.
But the usage doesn't go up, is there any other problem?

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Joss Knight
Joss Knight am 14 Feb. 2022
To get GPU utilization high you need to give it a lot of high resolution work to do. Often RL problems, especially the ones in our examples, are low compute. Not all computation is suitable for GPU parallelization.
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ryunosuke tazawa
ryunosuke tazawa am 19 Feb. 2022
Thanks to you, I was able to understand the GPU.
By the way, is there any way to shorten the simulation time?

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