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How to plot heatmaps inside a table?

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z3m am 13 Feb. 2022
Kommentiert: AndresVar am 14 Feb. 2022
I want to plot a figure like the following picture, but I don't know how to deal with the grouped row headings. Any hint will be appreciated!

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AndresVar am 14 Feb. 2022
Maybe just have different axis for each radar. There are a few ways, but tiledlayout is easiest:
heatvals = rand(4,40); % random data for 1 radar
% labels with prefix
y_labels = split(num2str(1:4));
y_labels = strcat('Target',{' '}, y_labels);
% tiledlayout with tight spacing
tlo = tiledlayout(2,1,'TileSpacing','tight');
% using imagesc to show colormaped data
xticklabels([]); % hide xlabels here
h(2)=nexttile(tlo); % for radar2
% same colormap for the tiles
cb = colorbar;
set(h, 'Colormap', flipud(hot), 'CLim', [0 1])
cb.Layout.Tile = 'east';
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z3m am 14 Feb. 2022
Thanks for your nice answer! But when I run your code, I get "Error setting property 'TileSpacing' of class 'TiledChartLayout':
'tight' is not a valid value.". Is this the problem of my matlab version? I'm using R2019b.
AndresVar am 14 Feb. 2022
yes it looks like tight is not an option in R2019b, maybe you can try 'none' or 'compact'
in this case 'none' is similar to 'tight' since it doesn't have xtickslabels

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