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how is keep the output values in program?

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Erkan am 10 Feb. 2022
Kommentiert: Erkan am 11 Feb. 2022
Hi everybody, I ran the a program and got the results. After making a change in the same program, I ran it again and got the results. How can I compare the first results with the second results? i.e. how can I keep the first results?

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AndresVar am 11 Feb. 2022
you can use save and load, here is a quick example:
% run once, save results
x = 1;
y = x+1;
% modify and run again, save results
x = 1;
y = x+2;
% later...
data1 = load("case1.mat");
data2 = load("case2.mat");
% then data1.y = 2 and data2.y=3
See the documentation on save and load for more uses
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Erkan am 11 Feb. 2022
thanks for answer
Erkan am 11 Feb. 2022
my results are a vector in the size 1x3000 and when i appoint to another variable, i don't see the results

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