Finding the value of a signal before and at the time of the event in Simulink? Other than using "ToWorkspace' block of simulink.

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I have simulink model IEEE39 Test system (Transmission Network System). I want to calculate a factor K = Δθr - Δθs ,so Δθr= regional angle behaviour and Δθs= system wide angular behaviour, where Δθr = θrp - θra i.e. (θrp = pre-event value and θra = at the time of event value) . Similary for the Δθs , it has pre-event system value and 'at the time of event' value. So, when I start the simulation and add an event (a fault or any disturbance), I need to calculate this factor while the simulation is running. I don't want to send the values to workspace and run the simulation twice therefore need suggestions/assistance in this regard. Thank you.
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Taimoor Khan Mehmand
Taimoor Khan Mehmand am 10 Feb. 2022
So basically I have a signal theta and I want to calculate it's value before the event and at the time of the event.

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson am 10 Feb. 2022
Use the event to trigger an enabled subsystem. Theh output of an enabled subsystem only changes when or while it is triggered, so you could connect that to a display or scope block. Possibly two enabled subsystems depending on how you are defining the event signals.

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