STD Exception ROS2 Custom Message Simulink

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Hassan Hotait
Hassan Hotait am 3 Feb. 2022
Kommentiert: 준기 홍 am 1 Apr. 2023
I would appreciate ant tips regarding the following. :)
Error in Simulink Diagnostic Viewer: Subscribing to a topic with a custom message.
STD exception 'class mwboost::exception_detail::clone_impl': 'Connection to process with Exchange: "f945d322-3833-4611-89f7-e4b72eeb8dd3 " was lost.' was caught.
On a seperate machine the following is running:
custom message: custom_interfaces/HldLldDrivingControllerSpeed.msg
Succesful custom message generation:
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준기 홍
준기 홍 am 1 Apr. 2023
Hi Hassan Hotait, its nice to hear you have solved it.
im facing the similar issue you have posted. i made a custom message using "ros2genmsg()" and when i run the simulink model i get a error message saying
STD exception 'mwboost::wrapexcept<mwboost::exception_detail::current_exception_std_exception_wrapper<std::invalid_argument> >': 'Connection to process with Exchange: "5f1470ff-8f66-40e9-84fb-5f3bfd116a13 " was lost.' was caught.
it would be thankful of you if you can share how you made it work.

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Jagadeesh Konakalla
Jagadeesh Konakalla am 22 Jun. 2022
Looks like restarting the MATLAB solved the problem.

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