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'C Caller block is not recognizing the c program

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Besme James
Besme James am 2 Feb. 2022
Kommentiert: Lucian am 3 Mai 2023
Eventhough i have specified the header and c file in the c caller block the simulink gives an erreoe as follows:
''C Caller block 'clib/C Caller' has not specified a function to call, or the specified function 'input' does not exist. ''
But error still remains.
Can somebody help me?

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Pravarthana P
Pravarthana P am 17 Feb. 2022
Hi Besme James, from your query it can be taken that you are trying to use C caller block to call your pre-defined C program. From the statements I assume you have added the header files, source codes in the Configuration parameters -> Simulation target. Ensure that you have enabled both:
To use the input variables from the custom code inside Simulink.
The following documentation may be helpful:
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Besme James
Besme James am 21 Feb. 2022
Thankyou :) I checked with all those parameters but the error stays.
Lucian am 3 Mai 2023
It might be a stupid idea but you could get a similar behavior when you have no valid mex compiler installed
Check in Matlab that you have MinGW addon or something similar

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