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Global variable management?

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Evan Schein
Evan Schein am 1 Feb. 2022
Beantwortet: Pravarthana P am 17 Feb. 2022
Hi all, I just recently installed Simulink and trykng to model motor controll.
Strangely , the tutorial I am watching, in the case of a Reluctance Machine, swapped out the "default initial values" and asked the user to hardcode "Ld and Lq." Then a red box appears around the machine.
Same thing happened with my battery when I plug in "Vnom" and samething with Torqe Gain/ Estimation blocks Any suggestions?
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 1 Feb. 2022
Could you please post a link to the tutorial you're following so we can see the context in which the presenter is using this model?
Evan Schein
Evan Schein am 1 Feb. 2022
at 15:18 he changes a scalar to a named variable
at 17:49 he changes the battery parameter to Vnom from a scalar
when I tried to do this kind of variable parameterization, i get the red boxes.

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Pravarthana P
Pravarthana P am 17 Feb. 2022
Hi Evan, from your block diagram and query it can be understood that you are getting this warning signal around the block diagram. The reason for this may be because of some data dependency as you are defining the variables in the block parameters.
You can try defining and loading these variables in MATLAB workspace as a global variable before using them in SIMULINK block.
Hope this prevents the warning red line around the blocks.
Using the following link you may understand how to access base workspace variable from any Simulink block.


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