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2d DOA estimation with coprime Array

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chinku vehera
chinku vehera am 27 Jan. 2022
Bearbeitet: Shivansh am 25 Jan. 2024
How to arrange the array in two dimensional for finding DOA estimation with coprime or nested number and also not able to write the code for same.

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Shivansh am 25 Jan. 2024
Bearbeitet: Shivansh am 25 Jan. 2024
Hi Chinku!
It looks like you want to estimate Direction of Arrival(DOA) and want to arrange the coprime array in 2 dimensions.
For the purpose of arranging a two-dimensional (2D) coprime array, you need to select two coprime integers. The coprime property means that the integers have no common divisors other than 1.
The array elements can be then placed at positions that are multiples of these two numbers, let say m and n. In case of a 2D array, you can create a grid where one dimension has sensor spacings of (md) and the other dimension has sensor spacings of (nd), where d is constant which can be chosen as half the wavelength of the signal of interest.
Here is a sample Matlab code for the above approach:
% Define coprime integers m and n
m = 2; % example value for m
n = 3; % example value for n, coprime with m
% Define the unit distance (usually half the wavelength)
d = 0.5; % example value
% Define the maximum sensor placements for each dimension
max_sensor_x = m * n; % maximum placement along x-axis
max_sensor_y = m * n; % maximum placement along y-axis
% Generate the sensor positions for the coprime array
sensor_positions_x = 0:d:m*max_sensor_x;
sensor_positions_y = 0:d:n*max_sensor_y;
% Create a grid of sensor positions
[X, Y] = meshgrid(sensor_positions_x, sensor_positions_y);
You can further perform DOA estimation with the coprime array with following steps:
  1. Collect the data from the array sensors in response to the incoming signals.
  2. Compute the covariance matrix of the received signals.
  3. Use the algorithms like ESPIRIT to estimate the DOAs.
You can refer to the following documentation for more information on DOA estimation using ESPRIT




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