How do I write a code for this equation?

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Zeina Abdullah
Zeina Abdullah on 27 Jan 2022
Commented: Walter Roberson on 2 Feb 2022
I have this equation : (Its mathematical formula may be illustrated as let B(n1, n2 ….. nk)
denotes the discretize map. Where the vector [n1,n2 ….nk], represent the sector key. Skey. Defining N as the number of data items in one row, the
secret key is chosen in a way such that each integer ni divides N data
items . n1 + n2 + …… nk = N
Let Ni = n1 + n2 + …… + ni-1 the data items at indices (r, s) )
and I need help writing a code for it. The input is a 24*24 square matrix in which there are three selects. The first selects a 8*8 square matrix. The equation for extracting an 8*8 matrix from 24*24 is: n-(r-1)*16. n is the number of bits in r is the number of rows. And we apply the equation mentioned above to get the output and the second select, a 16*16 matrix. The equation for extracting a 16*16 matrix from 24*24 is: n-(r-1)*8 and we also apply the mentioned equation to it.
more details : N=8 So the selected key S= {2, 4, 2}
N=16 key S = {2, 2, 4, 4, 2, 2}
N=24 key = {2, 2, 2,4,4, 4, 2,2, 2}
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Feb 2022
What parts are you requesting assistance with?

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