How to save each time step of for loop with a different .txt name

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I have a lerge number of .dat files and I have to modify some cells that respect certains conditions. For this reason I have builded a for loop and it works great, but I want to save each output of the loop (the .dat file modified named now "data") as .txt file whit the original name. I try whit many function but until now I haven't found a solution.
Here is the code that I developped.
% this part gives you the txt file name list in your folder
dirName ='O:\rete_idro_pluvio\Digitalizzazione\Limnimetri\work\Aggiornamento indici-Matlab\20210806_TIC_BED'; % folder path
files = dir( fullfile(dirName,'*.dat') ); % list of all *.dat files
files = {}'; % file names
%% for loop
for i = 1:numel(files) % for loop for each file
% readtable
data = readtable(files{i});
[r c]= size (data);
for y= 1:r
%for x = files(1,1): files(130,1)
if data{y,3}==330

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes am 27 Jan. 2022
@Flavio Croce - if you just want to change the extension, then you could do something like
[~,name,~] = fileparts(files{i});
writetable(data,[name '.txt']);
where we use fileparts to get the name of the file (ingoring path and extension) and then just append the txt extension to it.

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