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Matlab R2014b with OS X Yosemite Issue

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Austin Baird
Austin Baird am 21 Nov. 2014
I am trying to use the plane program and keep getting the following error when I run it:
Error using figure
There is no numb property on the Figure class.
Error in pplane8 (line 398)
ppset = figure('name','pplane8 Setup','numb','off',...
Any ideas on what I should do? I've tried two separate Macs on Yosemite and it does the same thing.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 19 Mai 2015
I looked at the code and saw that it was trying to create a string containing the figure number. I looked at the documentation for Figure Properties and saw that there is now a Number property that returns the figure number. So get() of the Number is what was needed. The rest of the time was spent searching through the code to be sure that the problem did not occur elsewhere.
Samuel Dupree
Samuel Dupree am 20 Mai 2015
Thank you for the explanation. I gratefully appreciate it. This clears things up for me.
Again, thanks.
Sam Dupree.

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes am 21 Nov. 2014
Austin - try changing the numb to the full property name NumberTitle. So line 398 of pplane8 would become
ppset = figure('name','pplane8 Setup','NumberTitle','off',...
Note the change also from user to UserData. See figure window properties for more details.
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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes am 9 Jul. 2015
Try typing just
to see which properties are available. If you don't see something for 'user' then you may have to use UserData.
Daniel Sierra
Daniel Sierra am 9 Jul. 2015
Thanks Geoff it worked! i also had to make a few changes that i haven't read from this forum but so far it seems to work just fine!

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Hugh Harvey
Hugh Harvey am 17 Feb. 2017
Hi, I have gone through and made all these changes to Pplane - Please see link for updated version:

Jakob am 21 Jun. 2016
Very good work everyone. The pplane-tool is extremely useful! Great you made it work again in newer Matlab!! Cannot give enough kudos ;-)


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