Doubt about finding the nearest values between array and a matrix

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Hi, everybody
I'm trying to find the nearest values from a array inside a matrix. Example:
Array = [12, 16, 300, 200, 250, 380, 145, 6, 8, 10, 12, 100, 16, 440]; %array with 14 elements
Matrix = [15, 20, 310; 1000, 500, 1; 146, 10, 11; 5, 23, 800; 600, 100, 50]; %matrix 5x3
but when a try:
for i=1:size(Array,2)
[~,ID] = min(abs(Matrix - Array(i)),[],1);
The ID have just 3 elements, not 14. I don't understand why. Anybody could explain to me. please.

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Torsten am 25 Jan. 2022
for i=1:size(Array,2)
[r{i},c{i}] = find(abs(Matrix-Array(i))==min(abs(Matrix(:)-Array(i))));

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Jon am 25 Jan. 2022
You are overwriting the value of ID with each pass through your loop, so you only see the value for the last pass.
If you want the value for every pass then you need to assign ID(i) in the loop
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Paulo Cunha
Paulo Cunha am 25 Jan. 2022
@DGM I gave those names, because the names I use in my original project could turn the problem too complex. My mother language is portuguese, and I use it to create the variables, and the project has almost 1000 lines.
Paulo Cunha
Paulo Cunha am 26 Jan. 2022
@Jon thank you for the clarification! You helped me to solve the problem with your main answer. Thank you!!

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