How do I use sliceViewer with RGB images?

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1 have a number of 2D RGB image arrays (slices), each with dimensions (x,y,3).
I have collated them in an array of teh form (x,y,3,nslice). Where nslice is the number of slices. I am trying to vew these colour slices using sliceViwer but it isn't working. If I try and view just one slice I get 3 images in the figure, one for each of R,G abd B. If I have more than one slice in the array I just get an error:-
"sliceViewer requires 3-D grayscale(MxNxP) or 3-D RGB volume(MxNxPx3) with no singleton dimensions."
Trying to re-arrange the data to the foramt suggested doesnt work and doesnt make sense really.
Can anyone help?

Accepted Answer

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 24 Jan 2022
Try using the permute function to swap your 3rd and 4th dimensions.
newRGB = permute(RGB,[1,2,4,3]);

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