Dynamic modelling os Solid Oxide Fuel Cell(SOFC) on Simulink

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I am working on a project which involves the modelling of SOFC(Solid oxide fuel cell) on Simulink. I need to replicate this model on Simulink.
But the image isn't clear and i am super confused as to what half the blocks are.
Is the block after divide block(on the top left),a saturarion block?
The sorta-pentagonal blocks like V_DC or qH2,are they constant blocks.
The transfer function 1/(Ta(s) + 1). I guess Ta here should be vairable. Is it possible to model such a transfer function in Simulink.
Also the three blocks in a line which have Ph2,Ph20,Po2 to the right,what kind of blocks are those?. Are they subsystems?
The model that i mentioned above is from a paper published in 2014. If anyone is familiar with that version of simulink and knows which blocks these are,it would be of great help.
And for context,these are equation being modelled https://imgur.com/a/YCXX7N7
Any help would be appreciated.

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Pravarthana P
Pravarthana P on 16 Feb 2022
Hi Harish Kale, it can be understood that you are trying replicate the model that is represented in the image added by you.
  • The top left block next to multiply & divide block is the Saturationblock.
  • The pentagonal blocks are actually the GoToand Fromfunctions, which you can use to bring in or send a signal out from one system to other system.
  • Yes you can model the transfer function using transfer function block, as per the other image containing the equations Po2,Ph2,Ph2o are the transfer function blocks.
Hope this is helpful!!
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