How to write in MATLAB the following PDE?

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where u=deformation
E= Mod of elasticity
for i=1:8
(del(Ki)/del(Ei)) * (ui) +(del(ui)/del(Ei)) * Ki=del(Fi)/del(Ei)
WHERE I need to find the value of (del(ui)/del(Ei))
S Priya
S Priya on 25 Jan 2022
It is a 1st order PDE. The stiffness matrix Kij is a function of Ei, "i" is the number of nodes( Here it is 8) . I am using MATLAB R2021a version

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Pravarthana P
Pravarthana P on 25 Jan 2022
Edited: Pravarthana P on 25 Jan 2022
To my understanding you are trying to solve a first order PDE. The following documentations might be helpful for the same:

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